“Safety Starts Here”
We place the highest possible value on safety above all else.  Our view is that all people within our organization and also those we work beside each day are our greatest asset.  The priority every day, year after year, is to ensure that our team members return home safely to their loved ones every night.  We take this stand together for every obvious and important reason but it comes down to one basic core belief…it is the right thing to do.
The Shared Goal
Our commitment to maintain our unbreakable safety culture starts at the top with our executive leadership. Safe business practices are among the first items on the agenda for meetings of our corporate board, our officers and our operations management team.  Our team members are trained to be good safety advocates at all levels – it takes committed leadership, management and team member involvement to create optimal construction industry safety.  This is something we hold very close and will never waiver from.
Planning and Process
Our safety philosophy is Zero Tolerance for Unsafe Acts and Conditions. This is much more than safe business practice and project-site discipline. It is about detailed planning to identify and eliminate or properly control all hazards. It is about the way we consider all of those who work within our organization, all of those who we work around, every client and project owner as important and key components to overall safety program success.

Everyone is included in the entire process from beginning to end. Great effort is continually put forth to combine the best that everyone has to offer to ensure that we all succeed in our mutual goal of Zero injuries.
Continuous Improvement
Our safety performance tracking methods work in harmony with the field activities of our team members to continuously identify all conditions or actions that may result in an incident and then correct them properly before they actually do. This is in addition to regular safety inspections our project superintendents are required to complete. The information is used to improve both project and corporate safety performance and make us the safest company possible.
Our company director has extensive safety training including certification as an OSHA 500 outreach trainer. Our safety program dictates that each newly hired team member receive in-depth safety training in order to not only recognize construction site hazards but also how to eliminate or properly control them. All team members are required to receive OSHA 10 hour and OSHA 30 hour training that includes recertification every 24 months.

All team members are required to complete competency qualification prior to operation of all heavy equipment, specialty tools and safety critical operations. These competency qualifications also require recertification every 24 months. We continuously train on-site through safety tool box meetings and specialized focus training including safe ladder use, safe welding/brazing, fall protection and fall arrest systems.
FOLLOW the program. Be disciplined in each process on all job sites. INFORM team members. We do this through orientation, competency training, specialized and focus training. REVIEW effectiveness. We track safety observations made by our director, supervisors and all of our team members through our performance tracking programs. We also analyze, learn from injury trend reports and remain as effective as possible.

SHARE lessons learned. Safety-related incidents are forwarded all the way up to the most senior-level executives in our organization as well as sharing near-miss incidents with all team members. TRAIN to be better and safer. Every JRC Mechanical team member receives an average of 30 hours of training per year; 80 percent of that training is safety related.

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