Estimating Inquiries
The Estimating Department of JRC Mechanical LLC welcomes all opportunities from potential future clients as well as our current clients. Whether it’s an Invitation to Bid or you want to join JRC’s Bidders List, you came to the right place.
Initiating the bidding process
Request For Proposal
Email:  estimating@jrcmechanical.com

For Quotes Requested By JRC

Email:  quotes@jrcmechanical.com

We request that you please forward Invitations to Bid for JRC to estimating@jrcmechanical.com that ensures all of the appropriate recipients will receive your invitation. Although, if you are unable to send an ITB via email please feel free to fax it to our Chesapeake or Richmond Office. RC utilizes a web-based software known as “Bidtracer” to send out Requests for Pricing when preparing proposals for the projects we bid on.
Please contact us to inquire more information on adding your company to receive ITBs along with access to bid documents, the JRC Bid Calendar, and bid notices. If you are interested in sending quotes to us please make sure it is forwarded to our “Quotes” email or please feel free to fax it to us.

Please contact Shanna Horton in regards to updating point of contact information for your company and if you have any questions or concerns accessing Bidtracer.

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